Meet Adam

Since first being elected in 2000, Congressman Adam Schiff has served his constituents in Southern California with integrity, imagination, determination and a commitment to building a better America for all of us. In Congress, Schiff has focused on ensuring our country remains safe, encouraging economic growth and wages for families, securing the civil rights for all Americans, and focusing the resources and attention on the next generation of Americans.
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Congressman Schiff has always been, and will continue to be a leader on promoting our economy and increasing jobs. He is also a leading voice for Democrats on national security issues. Congressman Schiff will always advocate for working class families, for equality and for common sense policies on everything from gun violence to climate change and campaign finance re-form in Congress.
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Adam in the News

April 19, 2019 in California, Gun Safety

Adam stands with Burroughs High School students at rally to end gun violence

More than 100 students at John Burroughs High School spent their lunch hour on Friday calling for lawmakers to put an end to mass shootings in America by enacting comprehensive…
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Democrats’ new and untested option in their subpoena fight with Trump: fines

Trump has already shown that he intends to resist all oversight and use lengthy court battles to stonewall Congress for as long as he and his administration can. As a result, we’ve had to go explore other ways to enforce our subpoenas including some we..

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