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March 2018

2018 CampaignImmigration
March 29, 2018

The New Yorker: The Motives Behind the Trump Administration’s New Census Question on Citizenship

Nine years ago, two Republican senators, David Vitter, of Louisiana, and Robert Bennett, of Utah,…
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2018 CampaignLocal Issues
March 23, 2018

LA Times: Earthquake early warning system gets big funding boost in new budget

The earthquake early warning system under construction on the West Coast got a significant boost…
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2018 CampaignDemocracy
March 20, 2018

Adam Schiff: Republicans leading Russia probe ignored every lesson I learned as a prosecutor

Almost 30 years ago, as a young assistant U.S. attorney, I prosecuted an FBI agent…
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2018 Campaign
March 9, 2018

Adam Schiff: How Democrats can sweep the midterm elections

Every four years voters hear that these midterm elections will be the most consequential in…
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