Schiff warns Whitaker that Democrats are ‘watching you’

By November 14, 2018 Democracy, Russia Investigation

The incoming chairman of the House Intelligence Committee on Monday put acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker on notice, calling for his “immediate recusal” from special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe and warning that Democrats would be keeping an eye on him.

“The president and Whitaker should heed this warning: The new Democratic majority will protect the special counsel and the integrity of the Justice Department,” Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) said in an op-ed in The Washington Post. It was headlined “Matthew Whitaker, we’re watching you.”

President Donald Trump appointed Whitaker to lead the Justice Department as acting attorney general after Attorney General Jeff Sessions was dismissed from his post last Wednesday. Whitaker, who served as Sessions’ chief of staff, has spoken critically of Mueller’s investigation and is seen as an ally of the president, who has labeled the special counsel’s probe a “witch hunt.”

Schiff demanded that Whitaker recuse himself from oversight of Mueller’s investigation into whether Trump or his campaign colluded with Russian agents to interfere in the 2016 election, highlighting instances in the past in which Whitaker criticized the probe.

You can read the rest in Politico.